This week of Overwatch could offer viewers only a single five-map set, but that didn't mean it was any less exciting. Multiple upsets occurred, and giants faced off once again. The standings are vastly different than before, and the Outlaws win streak finally came to an end. Once again, the only thing missing was Sideshow helping himself to another corndog.

Watching every single Overwatch League match of the week is impossible for most people, but luckily, has you covered with the must-watch games of the week. Take a look at this week's standout games.

Games of the Week:

Seoul Dynasty v Houston Outlaws

This match was certainly exciting but could have been more. Houston's star DPS LiNKzr was out sick, and Seoul didn't look like themselves for much of the week—including passages of this match. However, clockwork played much better than he did in Week 1 and filled in for LiNKzr admirably. Seoul looked strong for throughout the match.

The star players came out to play in this game. Fleta went on massacres and showed his superiority on Pharah over clockwork. Jake continued to impress on Junkrat, at times getting the kills needed to finish off team fights. zunba and coolmatt continued to display D.Va at her fullest potential. The may not have had LiNKzr, but that doesn't mean it lacked exciting plays and clutch moments in a back-and-forth five-map set.

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London Spitfire v Seoul Dynasty

While this match was never close, it was definitely worth a watch. On the one hand, there was the Seoul Dynasty, using a lineup of players that wasn't working and looking weak as a team in general. On the other hand, there was the London Spitfire, utilising any roster they wanted and looking good on all of them.

Seoul played Gido in place of ryujehong, a coaching choice they stuck with for the entirety of the match. It became clear it wasn't working, but Gido wasn't the only weakness on the roster against the Spitfire. As a whole, the team struggled.

London, on the other hand, played everyone except Fissure and continued to dominate no matter who they sent out. In previous weeks, London looked to be the weakest of the all-Korean rosters, but that wasn't the case this time. This may be the first time we see how truly scary a combination of the Kongdoo Panthera and GC Busan rosters are.

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