Taiwan's best team, Flash Wolves, will lose three players when the Heroes Rumble draws to a close this weekend. Zonda, Realment and S1nkler will depart from the Taiwanese esport organisation, although the latter two will play with the Wolves in the Rumble as a final farewell. The first step of the rebuilding process has already begun, with DPS player Nonezz, a former member of Machi Esports, joining the team.

1 Photo via Flash Wolves

This is the first time Flash Wolves have undergone roster changes. Zonda, Realment and S1nkler were three founding members of the roster that was built as a Taiwanese all-star team for the Pacific Championship. Backing up these all-star connotations, the Wolves started a massive winning-streak after a relatively slow start in the first season of the Pacific Championship, ammasing 27 straight wins across two seasons of the Asia-Pacific event.

The dominant style of the Wolves championship run in the inaugural season of the Pacific Championship earned them a reputation as one of Overwatch's better teams, despite playing in a region that was viewed as comparatively sub-par. However, a disappointing showing in the Santa Monic World Cup Qualifier whilst representing Taiwan, as well as Ardeont's comfortable victory over the Wolves in the second season of the Pacific Championship, soon degraded the public's opinion of the team. Swept by APEX champions GC Busan in the APAC Premier quarterfinals in October, the Flash Wolves name no longer holds the grandeur it once did.

Zonda, Realment and S1nkler all had their ups and downs with the Wolves. Sometimes missing in action whilst at other times turning in star performances, Zonda often failed to properly compliment star Tracer player Baconjack. Realment and S1nkler appeared to be a solid support duo against weaker teams but looked vulnerable when facing tougher international competition, drawing criticism for mismanaging ultimates and finding themselves out of position. Nevertheless, the trio of players are undoubtedly some of Taiwan's most talented individuals and will be difficult for Flash Wolves to replace.

Nonezz is a solid start for the Wolves rebuilding efforts, although he failed to earn high placements with Machi Esports in either season of the Pacific Championship. Competent on a wide breadth of projectile and hitscan heroes, Nonezz will likely gel well with master hitscan player Baconjack. The Wolves will need to find to find a new support duo upon the completion of the Heroes Rumble, which might potentially lead to the team fielding a non-Taiwanese player for the first time.

Flash Wolves enter 2018 in a difficult position, as Ardeont's dominance in the second season of the Pacific Championship has encouraged a number of quality Korean squads to set their sights on the event (although a foray into the Chinese scene next year isn't entirely out of the question for the Wolves). However, with their rebuilding efforts not yet complete, the team still has time to form a competitive roster.

Flash Wolves roster is now:

  • Luo "Baconjack" Zihuan (DPS)
  • Liao "Nonezz" Chun-Chi (DPS)
  • Ji "Jongie" Zicheng (Flex)
  • Syu "KMoMo" Maojyun (Tank)