Japanese esports organisation DeToNator have made several changes to their Korean roster following the team's disappointing last place finish in APEX Challengers Season 5. Dahim, SleepyBear and Cr0ng have joined the team as Stellar and beksul (formerly known as snow) depart.

Despite turning in a relatively strong performance in the Challengers qualifiers following a roster rebuild in August, the team only secured a single victory in Season 5. This marked yet another misstep in DeToNator.KOREA's tenure, as the team had previously failed to qualify for the second season of the Pacific Championship.

DeToNator have brought in a trio of players with experience playing in APEX's main division in an effort to remedy these struggles. SleepyBear played with CONBOX in three APEX seasons, while Cr0ng and Dahim played with ROX Orcas and Meta Bellum respectively last season. Beksul, who was the last remaining member of the original DeToNator.KOREA roster that played in the Pacific Championship Season 2 Qualifiers, and Stellar are now free agents.

Whilst the Overwatch League may have claimed many of Korea's most talented players and teams, competition in the scene looks to remain as tense as ever in 2018. With multiple squads vying for a spot in Korean Contenders, DeToNator.KOREA will have to make up significant ground if they wish to be considered a legitimate threat.

The new DeToNator.KOREA roster is:

  • Ahn "Blitz" Kwang-Hwan (DPS)
  • Park "Dahim" Joon-hee (DPS)
  • Lee "SleepyBear" Geum-yong (DPS)
  • Kim "Modern" Su-hoon (Tank)
  • Nam "Cr0ng" Ki-cheol (Tank)
  • An "AMY" Min-Young (Support)
  • Lee "insanity" Ji Seop (Support)