Blizzard Entertainment has announced a multi-year partnership with HP and Intel that covers multiple Overwatch tournaments including the Overwatch League.

As part of the deal, HP and Intel will be providing equipment for stage play with Omen by HP’s gaming PCs and displays powered by Intel Core i7 processors.

Mike Sepso, the current VP of Esports at Activision Blizzard, gave a statement to DailyMail about the partnership:

"Having two global brands on board is proof of the value of the infrastructure and systems Blizzard has put in place for the Overwatch League. Due to the global system and franchising infrastructure, it really creates a strong platform for big brands to connect with."

It was revealed that traditional advertising methods will take place, such as 30-second commercials and branding on stage equipment. The current amount of the deal has not been disclosed but Sespo told DailyMail he plans to release details soon. He stated it's "one of the biggest deals I’ve ever seen in this space.”

Sespo highlighted that a part of the deal is for creating original content on the players and teams, with the goal being to engage and grow the Overwatch community.

In a conversation with ESPN, Pete Vlastelica, president and CEO of Blizzard's Major League Gaming, compared the partnership to traditional sports leagues in which there is a circle of sponsors and partners that help sustain and grow a league. He states that as more sponsors and partners come along, the league will steadily gain momentum, growth, and legitimacy.

There is hope the newly announced partnership should help provide the proper resources and funds to continue to grow the Overwatch League.

The inaugural pre-season of the Overwatch League begins December 6th in Los Angeles at the Blizzard Arena.