APEX Challengers Season 5 came to a close this week, as nearly two months of play was concluded with Seven defeating CHG in the last match of the second group stage.

Eight of Korea's best up-and-coming teams qualified for the event through the Korean Open Division and an offline qualifier. Matches were played across two group stages, with the eight teams being cut down to six in the second stage of the tournament. Participants received small amounts of cash for each victory and loss, although the main prize in Challengers has always been the chance to move up the Korean ladder towards the main division of APEX.


Element Mystic secured first place in the tournament with an undefeated five game winning streak, a step above their 4-3 record in the first group stage. Meanwhile, Seven continued their run of success since claiming the first season of the Korean Open Division, placing second in the final stage of the event.

Due to multiple APEX Season 4 participants either disbanding, such as ROX Orcas and CONBOX, or departing from Korea for the Overwatch League, doubts have been cast over whether the Super Week promotion and relegation tournament will be held before the next season of APEX. Super Week is usually the host of the top four teams from APEX Challengers and the bottom four teams from the main division of APEX, competing for their chance to play in the next season of APEX's main division. The tournament was not held before APEX this season due to foreign teams no longer competing in the event, alongside the disbandment of APEX Season 3 rosters. With a similar amount of teams breaking apart this season, it is currently unclear who will be competing in APEX Season 5.

Final Standings