Further TF2 pros have made the move to compete in Overwatch, with new team Street Hoops Esports (shortened to 20b) competing in their first tournament tonight. The team features four top TF2 players and two ex-Battlefield/Dirty Bomb players, and managed to reach the Quarter Finals earlier tonight in the GosuGamers Weekly NA #12.

Street Hoops sees D1sasta and ninjanick on support, the latter who has just left his role as the top medic in TF2, alongside the tank of ShaneisaGhost and flex of duwatna. Shane and D1sasta have history together playing Battlefield and Dirty Bomb, while duwatna was a superstar TF2 demoman. The players rounding out the roster on DPS are shrugger and bl4nk, who both have top level history in TF2. shrugger especially renowned for his hitscan aim and movement.

Earlier tonight they played in the GosuGamers Weekly NA #12, their first tournament, and came out with an upset win on Hollywood over the Quake pros in Still Here. They knocked Still Here out of the tournament in the Ro32, an upset result which may say more about Still Here's inability to perform to their pedigree. Nonetheless, Street Hoops progressed through and made it to the Quarter Finals before being eventually knocked out themselves by Gale Force Esports. For a team in their first tournament, with only a small amount of playtime together, this was an impressive performance.

The team looks certainly looks promising, and the players are committing time to practising and improving over the coming months with an aim to climbing the ranks in North America.

The roster for Street Hoops Esports is:

  • Jonathan "D1sasta" Harbuck
  • Shane "ShaneisaGhost" Mesner
  • Nicholas "ninjanick" Poulos
  • Christopher "bl4nk" Sterling
  • Steven "duwatna" Taylor
  • Canaan "shrugger" Carman