Fresh off their entry into League of Legends, Athletico Esports have continued their expansion into Australian esports under their new CAMO project by acquiring the Monopoly Club roster. Athletico's investment has netted them the rising star of Australian Overwatch, currently in contention for hegemony of the scene in Blank Esport's absence.

This pickup is well earned for the roster, having qualified for the ESL ANZ Championship Final later this May, through a second placed finish in the ESL April final. Athletico are also currently undefeated in the CyberGamer OCE Circut after four rounds of play, guaranteeing them a spot in the LAN finals in Adelaide. Wins over Plot 1 and Masterminds GC in the tournament, considered to be two of Australia's top rosters, have certainly proven the newly signed team to be one of the countries most formidable opponents. Athletico CAMO will be a squad to look out for in the coming months, as they ride a wave of recent success into the ESL and CyberGamer LANs.

Athletico CAMO's roster stands as:

  • Dale ‘Signed’ Tang (DPS)
  • Aiden ‘Micro’ Caldwell (DPS)
  • Adam ‘Adam’ Soong (Flex)
  • Gabriel ‘Gob’ O’reilly Boylan (Tank)
  • Matt ‘Grafix’ Hamdorf (Support)
  • Sean ‘Kura’ Kovacs (Support)
  • Thomas ‘Maid’ Mok (Coach/Manager)