Tseini, formerly of LG Loyal and Method, has joined EnVision as part of the organisation’s new roster. While Tseini was bought out of his existing contract with Method, this also follows a period of trialling for Renegades when he appeared on their roster for Carbon Series Week 5.

Tseini was removed from LG Loyal in October as the organisation replaced him with SPREE; the current roster now contains none of the original players who have all moved on elsewhere. Tseini was a free agent for a while, trialling for test rosters, but decided to join Method after receiving an offer.

Roster swaps within Method led to instability and poor performance for this previously promising team, and they slipped out of relevancy in the North American scene. Tseini decided to pursue other options within the NA ecosystem, with the support of Method, and had trials with Renegades and EnVision.

Tseini says he felt “better synergy as a player” with EnVision rather than Renegades, which led to him signing with EnVision recently for a buyout of $10,000, according to a reddit post from the EnVision owner Artur Minacov.

EnVision’s Artur Minacov is the founder of opskins.com, self-proclaimed “#1 marketplace for digital in-game goods”. He announced that he has recently stepped down from his executive role at OPSkins to put all his time, effort, and money into EnVision. The highly profitable marketplace has allowed him to sign a team in Overwatch which claims to have a lot of potential.

Though the North American Overwatch scene is highly competitive at the moment with six strong tier-one teams within the region, Tseini claims that his new team has been competing well with some of the better teams and has long-term potential to improve over time.

The team plans to compete in smaller tournaments to gain experience as a team within the short term; it has already been making reasonably deep runs in weekly tournaments over the past month including a second and first place finish in the Rivalcade #6 and Good Gaming #12 respectively.

The EnVision roster is:

  • Jani ”Tseini” Kähkönen (DPS)
  • Caleb ”McGravy” McGarvey (Flex)
  • Brian ”Darksma” Salvador (Flex)
  • Chris ”Kophee” Mehlhoff (Tank)
  • Anthony ”Fire” King (Support)
  • Riley ”Fahzix” Taylor (Support)
  • Mario ”Qrow” Rocha (Manager)
  • Ash ”Chu” Long (Analyst)
  • Mike ”Packing10” Szklanny (Coach)