After being hospitalised on March 29th for a pneumothorax, janus has now been discharged home. According to the Tweet from his organisation, Luxury Watch, he planned to return home to rest and was thankful for being healthy again.

While he was incapacitated, his tank role on LW Blue was taken over by r0ar for the third place match in APEX Season 2 against Meta Athena. r0ar, who normally plays for sister team LW Red, performed admirably in his first match on the big stage; while his Winston was similar in efficacy he showed a much more aggressive Reinhardt style that applied a lot of pressure to Meta Athena.

Meta Athena got the early lead in the Bronze Final with a dominant win on Oasis and then held LW Blue’s payload on Numbani right at the first bend. Their failure to take the point immediately afterwards though demonstrated a recurring trend: Meta Athena were unable to pull off their set executes against LW Blue despite their competence on defense, leading them to lose Numbani, Anubis, and Route 66 after poor attacks.

LW Blue’s tight loss to RunAway to miss out on finals may still haunt the team, but they showed their ability this season as a world-class side and finished third overall. While bronze does not share the healing properties of silver, janus can be proud of his team that they placed highly in such an elite field.

LW Blue will have to wait until he is healed and the next tournament comes around to prove they are worthy of another IEM GyeongGi-esque trophy finish.