Though the news was a long time coming, former upcoming amateur squad Spicy Boys has announced its closing. The team was previously looking for an organization to grow with as a team of six and a manager, but after numerous members were called to the big leagues by various organizations, many realized that their collapse was imminent.

Manager Tardy posted a twitlonger detailing the team's collapse, citing how they were simply too thinly stretched to continue onwards under the same circumstances. Hidden gem Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez was one of the first to go, alongside teammate spOh, after joining Tempo Storm towards the end of January. Spicy Boys later lost TiG and Cosi as they trialled for other teams, and the roster of Dcop and sycknesS was simply not enough to continue.

spOh was later cut from Tempo Storm and is currently a free agent, while teammate DreamKazper remains a centerpiece for the future. Tardy mentioned that TiG and Cosi are currently signed with an organization, though their contracts are not yet finalized according to multiple sources. sycknesS was last seen playing with the Method roster, while Dcop has not yet announced his intentions for the future.

Spicy Boys is only one of the many promising amateur teams to disband after numerous instances of poaching. Despite having to leave their friends, many players cannot pass up the opportunities presented by the stability of a contract from an official team. Additionally, all players want a chance at participating in the Overwatch League, and as such, players generally look to sign with prominent organizations. Unfortunately, this is not a trend that has an evident solution, and despite finishing well at a recent Alienware Monthly Melee, the team is now permanently shelved.

Update: spOh is no longer a free agent and is playing with new amateur team Straight Outta Comp Queue. The team is composed of many high level players who have not been in the professional scene for a while.