In a move with clear long-term planning involved, Hammers Esports announced that just a day after sending their prior team to Luminosity, they would sign the upstart European squad formerly known as the Chavs. While the Chavs have won titles such as an Xtra Cup victory against Team Dignitas, opportunities in Europe are currently few and far between.

From the announcement, Hammers Esports management makes it clear that the long-term goal is to bring the team to North American soil (specifically Los Angeles) where they can compete against the likes of Team EnVyUs and Rogue. As of now, the team will remain in Europe for the next few months while the Hammers Esports organization prepares accommodations and paperwork. The organization has made it clear that "work" and "play" will be separate, and has indicated that practice and living will occur in two separate facilities rather than a singular team house.

While unimportant due to matches being played on North American servers, it is notable that now-LG Evil roster defeated the current Hammers Esports lineup under their old brands in an Enter The Arena tournament. With a move to America imminent, Hammers Esports will likely try and prove that that particular loss was a fluke while they duke it out with such stacked competition set to rumble in NA.

Not only will the entirety of the Chavs move on to join Hammers Esports, but they will additionally bring coach Kirby along with them to serve as both a strategic analyst and an authority figure within the team.

As of now, the new Hammers Esports roster is as follows:

  • Mads "Fischer" Jehg (DPS)
  • Piotr "Sev" Hutyra (Flex)
  • Erik "Snizzlenose" Hedåker (Flex)
  • Christopher "ChrisTFer" Graham (Tank)
  • Jonas "Shaz" Suovaara (Support)
  • Tamás "tomzeY" Bordás (Support)
  • Yann "Kirby" Luu (Coach)