Team Singularity today announced that they have signed the strong Danish tier-two team Grand Danois along with upcoming side MENS, GIVE ME NANO BOOST. The two teams will play as Team Singularity Ninjas and Team Singularity Gorillaz respectively, operating as sister teams to improve within Europe and reach the top.

Grand Danois were formerly playing as Fragsters, before leaving that organisation due to a lack of LAN support. After leaving Fragsters, the team competed in XTRA Cup, finishing third and following that up with reasonable results in following online tournaments. They are currently sat well within the top 10 teams currently situated in Europe, though many of the classically excellent European teams have left for foreign shores.

In mid-February, the team split with their flex Hunni over a team dispute and have now brought back Lelouch, their former DPS player.

Team Singularity are a relatively young Danish organisation, founded in April 2016. They currently have a CS:GO team along with their two new Overwatch rosters.

Grand Danois (now Team Singularity Ninjas) are the flagship Overwatch roster for Singularity. “The goal for Team Singularity Ninjas is world top 10 in 2017,” said the organisation in their announcement, “and we’re looking forward providing the team with the necessary means to accomplish the goal.”

David ”Drunkin” Pella, the manager for Ninjas, said:

We are thrilled to be joining Team Singularity after looking more than a month for a suitable home. Playing under a new home comes with great opportunity, but also with a new responsibility - it comes with high expectations and therefore I'm happy that we have formed a team of such experienced and proven players with great synergy to deliver. Together with Singularity, we plan to become a top contender for the year. We've already progressed a lot in our early practice and I only see us improving as the year progresses.

Are there specific things that this added security will now allow your team to do?

Yes, we are now able to focus again onto gaming and rising our strength. We have some lan events that are quite interesting for us, but as we have recently joined we didn’t discuss it as of yet, this will happen within the next few weeks. We are having a bootcamp possibility in Aarhus, Denmark. Some of us are still having school besides their career and this will continue, I personally don’t want them to dodge their future over a game, where we cannot see in which direction it heads (OWLeague). IF there is an option for us to do this full time, I would definitely not say no for the boys to drop school, but this is a decision of their own in the end and their parents, I will, no matter what, stay behind them!

Team Singularity’s two new rosters

The organisation also acquired an up-and-coming Danish side today, Team Singularity Gorillaz. The team, who formerly played as MENS, GIVE ME NANOBOOST, will benefit from a strong sister bond with the top Danish side.

Speaking on that symbiotic relationship, Drunkin said:

This is a part of the deal we have made with Singularity in order to get our signing with Singularity possible. I didn't speak to the other team but this will come within the next few days too. Scrims and analyze how good they are, as well as perhaps roster switches within the organization is all possible.

The roster for Team Singularity Ninjas is:

  • Mikkel "MandeTrodser" Hestbek (DPS)
  • Gustav "Nerfdd" Guldager (DPS)
  • Christian ”Lelouch” Gyldenloev (Flex DPS)
  • Daniel "Danii" Lindblad (Tank)
  • Kristian "Kellex" Keller (Support)
  • Andreas "Lind" Lindblad (Support)
  • David "DrunKin" Pella (Manager)

The roster for Team Singularity Gorillaz is:

  • Sebastian "Sindustries" McCallum
  • Johannes "Shax" Nielsen
  • Victor "Scaler" Godsk
  • Casper "Paghminister" Larsen
  • Phillip "Kragie" Krag
  • Nicolaj "Cizti" Jensen