After taking a bit of a break from North American Overwatch due to the presumed collapse of their prior roster, Tempo Storm has revealed their new roster on their site under the teams page. The roster is composed of portions of the old Sea Algae team with additions from Spicy Boys, compLexity, and free agents.

Remaining on the team are Hooey and Mini, who were previously on Sea Algae. Of course, the previous Tempo Storm roster was an amalgamation of Sea Algae and Northern Gaming Red, though the team disbanded relatively quickly after signing. Of Northern Gaming Red, Mangachu plays for Renegades, while NapTime and Bread Expert are free agents. BDROPPED of Sea Algae currently plays for East Wind.

DreamKazper was a high-profile addition to the team. Previously a hidden gem on amateur team Spicy Boys, DreamKazper looks to showcase his high octane DPS play alongside Wolf, who was best known for his play on Northern Gaming Red. After trialling with Cloud9, Wolf remained distant from the professional scene, but now has an opportunity to re-enter the scene and make waves.

Jkw previously played main tank on compLexity, but he later left citing his lack of comfort within the team. He was always a solid Reinhardt player, and he looks to bring some of the same high-level play to Tempo Storm. Sleepy is newer to the scene than the rest of his teammates, but showed enough to be picked up by Tempo Storm after their tryouts to merit a spot on the team.

The team will be headed by coach Novx, who is one of the more high-profile coaches within the scene after working with Team Liquid and Northern Gaming Red. He looks to lead the new Tempo Storm to a better fate than their last roster, and will serve as an authority figure and a gameplay adviser.

As it stands, the Tempo Storm roster is as follows:

  • Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez (DPS)
  • Estevao "Hooey" Gama (DPS)
  • Andrew "Wolf" Avola (DPS)
  • Joey "Jkw" Wavering (Tank)
  • Rollon "Mini" Hamelin (Support)
  • Nikola "Sleepy" Andrews (Support)
  • Seth "Novx" Zuroff (Coach)