The team formerly playing as TORNADO.ROX has left their organisation, flex Txao announced on Twitter. The team plans to stay together with their recently modified roster and is searching for a new home.

The team stated that their reason for leaving the organisation was because they found the conditions unfitting. “CIS organisations are not very - if at all - interested in Overwatch,” Txao explained to us; “The few organisations that are interested in having an Overwatch team right now are amateur at best.”

Speaking further on what the team is searching for from an organisation, Txao said:

First of all we would like to have financial support to attend future European lans. Also an ability to have a bootcamp for a week or two once in a while would be great. Some other more specific conditions would be nice but most important for us is that organisation will deliver on all the promises it has made.

We are open to all orgs. More than that, we prefer to be acquired by an American organisation because of a potential opportunity to play in NA; there the OW scene is thriving. The only problem is that only four of our players have a decent level of English.

The Russian team also recently made a change to their roster, swapping out pkmk for new flex support Dikker. pkmk stepped down from the roster due to family issues, leaving his team searching for a russophone Ana/Zen. Dikker was recently playing for Normandus before making the switch and was chosen for former T.ROX due to his experience.

Results have been unpredictable for the CIS team recently. During cups before the new year, they had wins against The Chavs, ex-ANOX, and GamersOrigin, though overall the team has struggled to make deep runs. With the winter break over and their roster firmly in place, former T.ROX are now looking to climb the ranks in Europe.

The team, now no longer part of TORNADO.ROX, is still:

  • Ilya "NLaaeR" Koppalov (DPS)
  • Vitaly "FreeD" Popov (DPS)
  • Ilya "Txao" Makarov (Flex)
  • Max "Clozz" Khurkunov (Tank)
  • Dmitry "Dikker" Borisenkov (Support)
  • Andrey "Engh" Sholokhov (Support)