OGN recently revealed details of the teams who had been invited or had qualified for their inaugural Overwatch league: APEX Season 1. The league will see Western teams Rogue, EnVyUs, REUNITED, and NRG compete alongside 12 qualified Korean teams for roughly $178,000.

Today OGN also announced the groups for the tournament. The group format is Round Robin, meaning each team will play each other, with the top two teams from each group qualifying for a single-elimination playoff bracket.

Rogue, NRG, Afreeca Freecs Blue, and Lunatic-hai are also competing in the APAC Premier in Shanghai, China when the season is scheduled to begin; OGN will reportedly be planning the match schedule around those teams for the first few weeks. The details of the schedule have yet to be announced.


Each group was drawn with one Western team and three Korean teams. The draw sees top teams Rogue and Afreeca Freecs Blue both in Group A, and RunAway matched against LW Blue, the sister team of their qualifier victims, among other interesting match-ups.

Group A

  • Flash Nox
  • Rhinos Gaming Titan
  • Afreeca Freecs Blue
  • Rogue

Group B

  • BK Stars
  • KongDoo Uncia
  • MVP Space
  • NRG

Group C

  • T6
  • Mighty Storm
  • Lunatic-hai
  • EnVyUs

Group D

  • LW Blue
  • RunAway
  • KongDoo Panthera