Long-time pro Hafficool , who retired from Overwatch to go pro in Valorant after the disband of Eternal Academy in April, has announced he will return to Overwatch.

He said he will focus on Overwatch until the end of the year in one last attempt to make it into the Overwatch League.

Hafficool last played for Eternal Academy after a brief stint with Team Envy broke a more than year-long stay with British Hurricane. All of which were academy teams, which Hafficool has played for exclusively since the modern Contenders ecosystem formed in 2018.

He has played off-tank for teams since 2017, although he was a DPS player prior to that. He is most well-known for his D.Va play.

Currently, Hafficool does not have a team to play for. In Valorant, he was last a member of the Absolute Masters organization, who does not have an Overwatch roster. He has played in both the North American and European regions in the past.