The Overwatch League has officially loosened roster rules amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and a string of retirements across the league.

Teams now only need a max roster size of seven players as opposed to eight. Several teams have competed in the last several weeks with just seven or fewer players on their roster.

The Overwatch League will also allow teams that are at risk of falling under six players to sign players to 14-day contracts. These players can participate in online matches without restrictions.

Overwatch League players can also compete from outside of the region the team is competing in, although all teams must continue to compete in servers from the region they play in and players from out of region will have to compete at higher latency. Fielder from the Paris Eternal as well as KSAA and Tsuna from the Vancouver Titans have played like this thus far.

The Boston Uprising currently have just seven players under contract while the Vancouver Titans and Washington Justice each have six.

The Overwatch League said they may make further revisions to roster construction rules and deadlines as needed.