over.gg is now in search of news writers who specialize in the South American and Australian regions. While writers are more than welcome to tackle ticking and data entry, it is not necessary for a writing position.

We are looking for two writers--one for each region--or one writer who closely follows both regions. News writers will write about roster and staff changes for teams at the Contenders level or above as well as feature pieces for any reason if they so choose to write features.

This is a volunteer position. You will be able to determine your own workload based on your availability.

News writers will follow over.gg's style guidelines and get an opportunity to collaborate with current over.gg staff. Training will be given as needed and you must be open to feedback on your writing.

over.gg can't do its work to support the Overwatch community without help from people like you! If you'd like to dive into writing about Overwatch, this is the place to get your first chance.

If interested, reach out to enigma on our Discord server at enigma#5019 or Scrubasaurus at Scrubasaurus#0013. Please include one or two writing samples.