DPS player fischer has announced his retirement from professional Overwatch. The main reason he cited for his retirement is that Overwatch "feels super unrewarding to play at the moment."

fischer explained in his Twitlonger that he expected to be in the Overwatch League by this time but remains in Contenders. "The level of play is simply not what I believe I'm capable of myself. That's why it feels unrewarding," he said. "I feel like I'm not evolving as a player. I'm not being pushed to my limits playing here." He also cited his age as another factor in his retirement. He is 24.

He said he still wants to compete and was considering coaching Overwatch at the highest level or playing in another esport. He also left open the possibility of a return to playing Overwatch.

fischer has competed in Overwatch since the game's beta in 2015 but first emerged into the spotlight in early 2017 when he was a member of The Chavs and his team was picked up by the Hollywood Hammers organization. He joined the Outlaws' academy team in 2018 and later joined the Fuel's academy team, Team Envy, later that year. He was most recently the in-game leader of HSL Esports and qualified for the 2019 Contenders Gauntlet with the team. They were Europe's sole representative in the tournament. fischer was also a member of Denmark's World Cup roster for the past three years.

HSL will need a new DPS player to replace fischer. They have five players on their roster.

The roster of HSL Esports HSL Esports Contenders EU Rank #20 is:

  • Mathias "Fupzen" Krogh Guldbrandsen (DPS)
  • Richard "rCk" Kanerva (Off-tank)
  • Anders "henningsen" Henningsen (Tank)
  • Danni "Ding" Rasmussen (Flex Support)
  • Perttu "Dolla" Palokoski (Support)

Their coaches are:

  • Jesse "Lov3monkey" Chedotal (Head Coach)
  • Aymeric "Izzy" Ast (Assistant Coach)
  • "Aplox" (Assistant Coach)