Contenders Pacific champions Talon Esports Talon Esports Contenders KR Rank #3 Swoon Jang Sung-won (장성원) flex support Arrow Park Min-Seok (박민석) dps Ch0r0ng support have announced their newest roster in a series of tweets. In addition, the team announced the addition of Gl1tch and CARD to their coaching lineup.

This will be a brand new look for Talon Esports heading into 2020, with no members from the Contenders-winning and Gauntlet-attending roster remaining. Earlier in the offseason, coaches Arachne and face were announced to be heading to the Overwatch League, with the two going to the San Francisco Shock and Los Angeles Gladiators, respectively. Talon also announced the departures of oPuTo, Gogora, Bashful and ManGoJai from the team. Finally, Patiphan, MuZe and CQB were picked up by Eternal Academy.

Supports Swoon and Dotori last played for BlossoM and have appeared in all three seasons of Contenders Korea in 2018. However, they failed to qualify for the playoffs in a single one of those seasons. Additionally, the duo were absent in Contenders Korea in 2019 alongside BlossoM, having failed to qualify for Contenders in both seasons of Trials Korea 2019.

Piggy joins from Nova Monster Shield, where he helped the team finish in the semifinals last season of Contenders after being picked up in the last week of regular season. He was previously a member of the Contenders China champions LGE.Huya, under which Piggy appeared in the Pacific Showdown. Think, on the other hand, is a veteran from the APEX days in 2017, but has never played on any Contenders team since the dissolution of APEX.

Arrow last played for O2 Blast, while D3CAL last played for RunAway. However, neither player has seen much playtime for their respective teams. Combined, the two played 16 maps in six matches in Contenders Korea of 2019. The two have had previous synergy with each other, having played together in World Game Star H2 and O2 Team in Seasons 2 and 3, respectively, of Contenders Korea in 2018.

To the coaching lineup, Talon have added CARD and spazzo. While CARD may be a newcomer to the Contenders scene, spazzo has had several championship titles under his belt. He joined Fusion University at the start of Contenders 2018 Season 3: North America, and under his leadership the team earned two Contenders North America trophies. spazzo and Fusion University also won the Atlantic Showdown at Krefeld, defeating fellow North American academy team Team Envy.

The new roster's first showing will be against Cyclone Coupling in the Contenders Pacific seeding tournament on January 18.

Talon Esports Talon Esports Contenders KR Rank #3 Swoon Jang Sung-won (장성원) flex support Arrow Park Min-Seok (박민석) dps Ch0r0ng support is:

  • Park "Arrow" Min-Seok (박민석) (DPS)
  • Park "D3CAL" Sung-in (박성인) (DPS)
  • Shin "Piggy" Min-jun (Off-tank)
  • Lee "Think" Ho-jeong (Tank)
  • Jang "Swoon" Sung-won (장성원) (Flex Support)
  • Shin "Dotori" Hyun-jong (신현종) (Support)
  • Chris "spazzo" Link (Head Coach)
  • "CARD" (Assistant Coach)