Angry Titans Angry Titans Contenders EU Rank #6 Doggo Emma Johannesen flex support Knasen Tzor Dahan off tank Love dps Bombiman Jérôme Chicourrat dps KroxZ Loïc Ricci tank sstarb0i Simon Hubeaux support have announced the addition of almostpanda as their head coach. Additionally, they've revealed assistant coach David has left the team.

Angry Titans will be the fifth team in Contenders Europe that almostpanda has coached. Most recently, he was the coach of Samsung Morning Stars for their brief appearance in the postseason of Contenders 2019 Season 2: Europe. He coached Shu's Money Crew EU in the regular season.

David joined Angry Titans as a postseason addition himself. Much like Samsung Morning Stars, Angry Titans played in only one postseason match in Contenders Season 2.

This offseason, Angry Titans have lost main support Phatt, off-tank brussen, head coach iLka, assistant coach Wrath and general manager Skwal. All of them left to join Overwatch League franchises or their academy teams.

Angry Titans have also recently added a new manager. Tylar, who was an assistant manager for Sweden's World Cup team, will now manager Angry Titans.

There have been no announcements on replacements for the departed Angry Titans players. The next season of Contenders begins with a seeding tournament on January 6.