The Paris Eternal Paris Eternal OWL Rank #15 Kaan Emir Kaan Okumus flex support Naga Nikolai Dereli dps Daan Daniël Vincentius Paulus Scheltema tank dridro Arthur Szanto support have signed off-tank hanbin and DPS Xzi . Both players, like head coach Rush and DPS SP9RK1E before them, were with Element Mystic prior to joining the Eternal.

Both signings are still pending league approval.

The Eternal have added the two Element Mystic alumni after signing the team's head coach and star DPS player the day before. Element Mystic took home the titles of the Pacific Showdown and the Contenders Gauntlet this year.

The four signings have an extensive history together: SP9RK1E, Xzi and Rush have been with Element Mystic together dating back to January of 2018. SP9RK1E and Rush have been together since the summer of 2017. The only player with history playing for a professional team other than Element Mystic is hanbin, who was a member of Chinese team Legend Young Beyond for much of 2018. He joined Element Mystic in November of 2018 and had been with the team ever since.

There are currently three Korean players on the Eternal roster and six European players, although two of the six are currently subject to a team option. The Eternal appear to be gearing toward a mixed roster in the 2020 season after using an exclusively European roster in 2019.

There are currently three open spots on the Eternal roster, assuming they accept the team options on Greyy's and Kruise's contracts.