The Philadelphia Fusion Philadelphia Fusion OWL Rank #4 Fury Kim Jun-ho (김준호) off tank Alarm Kim Kyeong-bo (김경보) flex support Carpe Lee Jae-hyeok (이재혁) dps Ivy Lee Seung-Hyun dps SADO Kim Su-Min (뜨용) tank FunnyAstro Daniel Hathaway support have announced they are splitting with main support neptuNo .

neptuNo was an original member of the Fusion roster. He has played in every official map the Fusion have ever played except two maps.

He became known for his aggressive Mercy play during 2018's Mercy-dominated meta and would frequently get kills while using his ultimate ability. He continued to play main support for the Fusion regardless of what heroes became meta.

The Fusion's only other main support player is Elk, who is a two-way player. He is currently subject to a team option.