Several coaches have announced their free agency since the offseason has started, although not all of the coaches who are free agents have officially left their teams yet.

Keeping track of who among coaches is a free agent but hasn't necessarily left their team can be difficult. The Overwatch League made public the contract status of every player, but made no such thing for coaches. Teams typically don't make announcements until their coach is definitely leaving or definitely coming back.

To make it a bit easier to keep track of who is on the market but hasn't left their team yet, here is a list of coaches who are in such a position:

  • Seita : Seita was the strategic coach of the Paris Eternal for the 2019 season. Previously, he was the head coach of Team Gigantti and helped the squad sustain success throughout 2017 and 2018.

  • Ryuu : Ryuu joined the Florida Mayhem as an analyst late in the 2019 season as he switched from Mayhem Academy to the Mayhem in June. He and Robert Yip were the lone coaches from outside of Korea on a staff that coached an entirely Korean roster.

  • Tim : Tim was a member of the original coaching staff of the Los Angeles Gladiators and has remained with the team for the past two seasons. He became a free agent around the same time the team's other coaches also became free agents. Since then, head coach dpei has returned to the team while assistant coach JohnGalt has left to become the Justice's head coach. Tim is unsure if he will continue coaching.