The Overwatch League has awarded Los Angeles Valiant Los Angeles Valiant OWL Rank #8 SPACE Indy Halpern off tank Agilities Brady Girardi dps KSF Kyle Frandanisa dps FCTFCTN Russell Campbell tank KariV Park Young-seo (박영서) flex Custa Scott Kennedy support main support player Custa the 2019 Dennis Hawelka Award.

His leadership was cited as one of the primary reasons he won the award, according to the Overwatch League. He served as a mentor to the Valiant's younger players and made himself an example of sportsmanship and positivity, even when he was benched in Stage 1.

His community engagement was also cited. The league stated he has raised more than $6,000 for St. Jude's Children Hospital and has started a filming a weekly series called Custa News Network.

He was given the award by 2018 Dennis Hawelka Award winner Mickie . The award was first given out in 2018.

The Dennis Hawelka Award is named after Dennis " INTERNETHULK " Hawelka. He played for EnVyUs and coached Team Liquid during his career. Hawelka died in November of 2017, prior to the launch of the Overwatch League.

Custa, like Mickie, was acquainted with INTERNETHULK. Custa attended his funeral and competed against INTERNETHULK during Overwatch's earliest days in 2016 and 2017.