Isurus Gaming Isurus Gaming Inactive Máximo Máximo Camacho tank ddx Alan Salvati support kaizak Sebastian Moreno support is dropping their Overwatch roster, according to a Facebook post from flex support ddx . He is also one of three players who has left the team's roster in recent times.

Translation by Ricci

Well, I have not posted here in a long time, so I wanted to bring you this news.

As some of you may already know, although it never became official, we decided together with Isurus Gaming organization that the best was for us to part ways again so I won't be playing under their name anymore.

I want to once again thank Isurus Gaming and Facundo Calabro (Isurus Gaming Founder & CEO) for all their support during this almost one year and a half in which we worked together, and as every time I leave Isurus, I feel like I am at a major turning point in my career again.

On the other hand I also want to say that we are not going to keep the roster for the next Contenders and many changes are coming, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank also my teammates from this last season, that even though we did not meet our main goal, I'm leaving with peace of mind that we worked like nobody else trying to reach the first place (kaizak, BEAST, Jhein, Máximo and Ludwig).

Personally I feel that it was the first time in my career that I really gave my 100% in the whole season. I was able to fulfill roles that until now I couldn't encourage myself to do due to lack of experience and character, and I have no doubts that this is my best version even though I'm beginning to feel a bit of decadence in my mechanical skills.

When we lost against Lowkey it broke my soul. It was a moment where I felt an immense weakness and I could not do more than throw myself in the shower, crying to purify my frustration. I want that memory to be with me forever to motivate me to always give 100% and never again feel that I could have given more, or that I lose because I do not strive hard enough (something that always happened to me throughout my career).

I think this post became too personal, so yeah, I just wanted to tell you that. I do not know when my new team will be announced but I'll probably post it here. Cheers!

Edit: I made the post so fast that I forgot to thank our technical staff, Unreal and Darkzero!

ddx confirmed the team will no longer play under Isurus Gaming's name and he is leaving the team. He joins a list of departed Isurus players including off-tank Beast , who left to join FURY FURY Contenders SA Rank #3 Searchy Renzo Castagnaro flex support Beast Julian David Lauandos off tank KnighT dps Shinigami Leonardo Moreira dps keath Junnior Abad Gamboa tank Win98 Gabriela Nacaratto support , and DPS Ludwig , who is now on XTEN Esports XTEN Esports Inactive Agon Leonardo Albuquerque off tank Pearlyk Ryan Rodrigo flex support leviataN Nicolas Brosio dps neil Mateus Kröber tank Fastie Renan Melo tank HaPi Davi Silva support .

Beast and ddx were the last remaining players of Isurus Gaming's original roster when they entered Overwatch in February of last year by picking up KARMA, the team that formed from the roster of Argentina's 2017 World Cup team.

Isurus Gaming has finished in the top four of all four seasons of Contenders South America they competed in. They were the region's runner-ups in 2018's first two seasons.

The remaining players will have a guaranteed spot in Contenders 2019 South America Season 2, should they choose to remain together.

Isurus Gaming Isurus Gaming Inactive Máximo Máximo Camacho tank ddx Alan Salvati support kaizak Sebastian Moreno support 's roster was:

  • Luiz "Ludwig" Motta (DPS)
  • Cristian "Jhein" Camaño (DPS)
  • Julian "Beast" Lauandos (Off-tank)
  • Máximo "Máximo" Camacho (Tank)
  • Alan "ddx" Salvati (Flex Support)
  • Sebastian "kaizak" Moreno (Support)

Their Isurus Gaming Isurus Gaming Inactive Máximo Máximo Camacho tank ddx Alan Salvati support kaizak Sebastian Moreno support staff was:

  • Ricardo Ivan "UnReal" López Prado (Head Coach)