The Contenders Gauntlet will be played at the Giga Arena in Seoul, South Korea between October 9 and October 13, according to the Overwatch Path to Pro Twitter.

The Giga Arena is home to OGN competitions, including the OGN APEX competitions that were held for four seasons from 2016 to late 2017.

Overwatch left the confines of Giga Arena following the end of the APEX series. Overwatch's partnership with OGN ended at that time and the first season of Contenders Korea was held at Olympic Park K-Art Hall.

The Gauntlet will host 10 Contenders team from across the world. The Atlantic and Pacific Showdowns are determining how many teams from which region will be represented at the Gauntlet.

The Pacific Showdown was completed this past weekend. Element Mystic beat O2 Blast in the grand final.