The playoffs for the first season of Contenders 2019 South America will be broadcast on Brazilian ESPN channels. This includes Watch ESPN and a rerun on ESPN Extra.

The ESPN article related to the matter has revealed that the total prize pool for playoff participants will be $100,000, with the winning team receiving $20,000 plus a portion of the amount divided in the regular season. That team will also represent South America in the Atlantic Showdown, which will be held from May 31st to June 2nd.

The first match of the South American Contenders playoffs will see Isurus Gaming Isurus Gaming Inactive Máximo Máximo Camacho tank ddx Alan Salvati support kaizak Sebastian Moreno support face off against UP Gaming UP Gaming Contenders SA Rank #4 xfel flex support raúl Raúl Salas flex support Hurd off tank debout David Beaupuits dps Raam Ricardo Frias dps StorM tank Doctor support . After that series, FURY FURY Inactive Searchy Renzo Castagnaro flex support KnighT dps Shinigami Leonardo Moreira dps Win98 Gabriela Nacaratto support will be pitted against INTZ eSports Club INTZ eSports Club Inactive Helvoro Alvaro Lopez off tank Drusker Patricio Bertolini dps TH7 Thiago Valente dps Kazma Gabriel Alvaro support Hexed Bruno Keül support to round out the quarterfinals matches. Both matches will take place on Monday, April 29th.

The winner of the Isurus/UP Gaming match will play Lowkey Esports Lowkey Esports Inactive honorato Maurício Honorato off tank ole Pedro Orlandini flex support murizzz Murillo Tuchtenhagen dps liko Felipe Lebrao dps Máximo Máximo Camacho tank ddx Alan Salvati support in the semifinals, and is likewise for the winner of the FURY/INTZ match. The winner of that match will face XTEN Esports XTEN Esports Inactive Agon Leonardo Albuquerque off tank Pearlyk Ryan Rodrigo flex support leviataN Nicolas Brosio dps neil Mateus Kröber tank Fastie Renan Melo tank HaPi Davi Silva support on Tuesday, May 30th.

To wrap the season up, the winners of the aforementioned semifinals matches will square off in the grand finals on Friday, May 6. All of the matches will be broadcast on Watch ESPN and will rerun after normal airing has concluded on ESPN extra.