One month ago we reported on SelflessGG’s new acquisition in Overwatch. In that time the team has had mixed results and often failed to make deep runs in tournaments; their only notable victory has been an upset win last week over FaZe. Recently Selfless have decided to revamp their roster by replacing b1am and Sicarri, swapping rob-wiz over to DPS to free up both support slots. Their first replacement is ex-Splyce’s dhaK.

It was clear from our previous encounter with Selfless that the core of this roster, those players with experience at a high level and with each other, did not include b1am and Sicarri. Whilst the other four players had all found great success in other titles and times, their two new additions were fairly inexperienced. Whether this directly led to the team underperforming or just made them easy scapegoats is unknown.

b1am and Sicarri occupied the DPS-flex and support roles respectively, but the team appears to have had disagreements on which heroes the players should utilise. b1am allegedly was criticised for his hero selection and counters, while Sicarri had to step down due to personal reasons. b1am is now playing for Sea Algae, an upcoming team making waves in their first tournaments.

Selfless Gaming have yet to roar in Overwatch Photo credit: Selfless Gaming

Rob-wiz is now moving to play DPS, a role he’s historically comfortable with given his past achievements in Painkiller, the CoD series, and other fps games. dhaK should be a fine replacement for him on the primary Lucio role, but the real question is finding a competent Mercy. Selfless have become one of many teams to now be searching for an excellent Mercy; with demand greater than supply will Selfless end up picking up a higher team’s cast-off?

As stated, former Splyce player dhaK is the first replacement for Selfless. He was a temporary player for Splyce but in his time proved himself as a superlative Lucio. If another support is found to play alongside dhaK of equal quality then Selfless could go far - they do not have much time to gel, however, if they want to qualify for the huge ESL Atlantic Showdown.

With the team searching for a final support, SelflessGG’s current roster is:

  • Daniel “dhaK” Martinez Paz (support)
  • Preston "juv3nile" Dornon (tank)
  • Michael "Michael3D" Wilbanks (flex)
  • Rob "rob-wiz" Kennedy (dps)
  • Jeff "emongg" Anderson (dps)