The Chengdu Hunters Chengdu Hunters OWL Rank #10 Kyo Kong Chunting (孔春亭) flex support Elsa Luo Wenjie (罗文杰) off tank Jinmu Yi Hu (易虎) dps YangXiaoLong Zhang Zhihao (章智浩) dps Ameng Ding Menghan (丁蒙涵) tank Yveltal Li Xianyao (李先曜) support have announced a partnership with Chinese contenders team LGE.Huya LGE.Huya Contenders CN Rank #1 Sven off tank Kami Tang Yitao (唐毅滔) dps Mer1t Choi Tae-min dps JeungMac Choi Dae-han (최대한) tank Molly He Chengzhi (何诚智) support Lengsa Chen Jingyi (陈婧逸) support to form the academy team of the Hunters. The team will be called LGE.Huya. The team made the announcement on Weibo.

LGE.Huya will be jointly operated by LinGan e-Sports and Huya. The Hunters are owned by Huya, a popular Chinese livestreaming platform.

Their partnership with LGE may come as a surprise given it was previously revealed the Hunters were operated by Royal Never Give Up (RNG), a Chinese esports organization most well-known for their success in League of Legends.

Lin Gan e-Sports have finished in the top eight of every season of Contenders China 2018, but failed to make it out of the quarterfinal in each season. It is unknown how much of the roster, if anyone, will be retained as the organization transitions into its new role serving as the Hunters' farm team.

The team will have a guaranteed place in Contenders China 2019 Season 1. All academy teams are automatically invited to the first season of Contenders 2019.