Triumph Triumph Inactive OFF Lee Jae-in off tank valen Valentín Ontivero dps BucK Viktor Nikolov dps nich Nicholas Taylor tank have announced their Overwatch roster. The roster is currently undefeated in North American Open Division.

The roster features a mixed of veterans and rising Overwatch stars. Among the veterans are Peebimitsu , Shereshoy and awkward . The newer names on the roster are Sun , mystiic and Joobi .

While Peebimitsu has competed in Overwatch for some time, he has never competed at a Contenders level. Most notably, he was on Evil Geniuses in 2017. He also participated in the first season of Contenders Trials with Renegades.

awkward has also not had Contenders experience. He was a member of the Bazooka Puppiez roster that finished fourth in Contenders Trials Season 2 Europe, but did not remain with the team when they were promoted to Contenders.

Shereshoy played in two seasons of Contenders with Bye Week as their main tank. He also played in all three seasons of Contenders Trials North America with his Bye Week comrades. He and the rest of the team finished short of a Contenders berth in the third season of Trials.

Sun played with Karasuno before they qualified for Contenders and became Skyfoxes. mystiic played with LCG when the team competed in both BEAT and PIT in February of 2018. Neither player has played a map of Trials or Contenders.

Joobi has never been on a team that has competed in Contenders, Trials, PIT or BEAT. The organization described Joobi as a younger player they seek to develop.

The coaching staff in charge of developing him and his teammates are FrAgOn, milo and Lycanthropy. FrAgOn previously coached Shereshoy on Bye Week and awkward on the Israeli World Cup team and on ZenGaming eSports. milo was a member of the mixup roster that played for Luminosity Gaming and NRG Esports in 2016 and part of 2017.

PYYYOUR, who is working as an admin for the organization, said, "Triumph is an organization put together with its main focus on community inclusivity and staff development. We strongly believe in empowering the fan by aiming to give you a stake in the logistical decision making of the organization. We feel that we can provide you with a true experience of what it is like building and running an esports team."

Overwatch will be one of the first games the Triumph organization enters. PYYYOUR stated the organization plans to expand into more esports titles.

They are currently 4-0 in the first season of Open Division 2019 North America. It is unclear what the path from Open Division to Contenders will be like for North American teams when the region splits into two sometime after the end of 2018's final Contenders season.

The Triumph Triumph Inactive OFF Lee Jae-in off tank valen Valentín Ontivero dps BucK Viktor Nikolov dps nich Nicholas Taylor tank roster is:

Their staff are:

  • Andrey "FrAgOn" Katz (Head Coach)
  • Yomar "milo" Toledo (Assistant Coach)
  • Ethan "Lycanthropy" Kircher (Analyst)
  • Karolina "Muffin" Szymanska (Manager)