Angry Titans Angry Titans Contenders EU Rank #4 kevster Kevin Persson dps have signed Optidox as head coach and Wrath as an analyst. This follows the departures of head coach Packing10 earlier this month and analyst Danny to the Atlanta Reign in September.

Optidox was previously the performance coach of Skyfoxes. He joined the team in October, helping them finish second in Contenders Trials North America.

Wrath's signing to Angry Titans marks his entry into coaching at the Contenders level. He previously coached a French team, OrKs Grand Poitiers, that competed in minor tournaments.

The two join an Angry Titans squad hoping to return to the grand final in Contenders Season 3 Europe. They've started the season with a 1-1 record.

Their next match is against We Have Org on December 3.