Team Kongdoo have announced that Kongdoo Panthera player Wakawaka has been suspended indefinitely from team activities due to "violation of internal policy and inappropriate attitude." As per this suspension, Wakawaka will be unable to participate in any tournaments or practice sessions with the team.

The nature of the actions that led to this suspension have not been revealed by the organisation, although Team Kongdoo did specify that the problems were reoccurring despite several warnings. Wakawaka had been notably absent from Kongdoo Panthera's matches in the Nexus Cup Annual Finals before this disciplinary action was announced.

Considered to be one of the best Lucio players in the competitive scene, Wakawaka was part of the Panthera roster that was acquired by Cloud 9 earlier this year. However, he did not go on to join Cloud 9's Overwatch League franchise, the London Spitfire. ESPN's Jacob Wolf reported that this was due to "disagreements with organization management", as well as Wakawaka's interest in joining the Seoul Dynasty.