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Hey guys!

We're once again in need of some help staffing our ticker/events. If you regularly watch OWL/Contenders (bonus points if you follow the Chinese/Korean scenes) and have some time to spare to help our cause, you're the perfect candidate!

Interested? Shoot me a message on our discord and I'll get you set up.

posted 1 week ago

looks great, will use :)

posted 2 months ago

Stats have been updated for all completed S2 OWL matches via the official API and will be updated immediately post-match in the future. Final blows, ults, and time played will be updated soon via previous methods.


posted 3 months ago

If you're a regular of The O.W. Discord, you've probably seen this before.



  1. In Discord, for the channel you wish to have the score bot in, hover over the channel name, click the "edit channel" cog, go to the webhooks section, create webhook, and the copy webhook URL. The webhook URL should look something like this:
  2. In your account, go to the settings page and paste the webhook URL you just copied from Discord into the "Discord Channel Webhook URL" field towards the bottom of the page. Save your settings.

This bot will now post a message in a Discord channel of your choosing with the final results of a match as soon as it's completed.

posted 4 months ago

As always, we'd love any input you guys have.

posted 7 months ago

It's that time again! We're looking for help to update our match ticker and database.

If you regularly watch competitive matches (OWL/Contenders/etc) and would like to lend us a hand, shoot me a PM on our Discord.

posted 8 months ago


posted 8 months ago

It's been a while since once of these, so lay it on us.

With regards to the site or our coverage in general:

  • what are we doing well?
  • what could we do better?
  • anything new you'd like to see?

Your feedback means the world to us--thanks in advance.

posted 9 months ago

starting from now you should see notifications in the top right when anyone replies directly to a comment or thread you make (see:

you can also see the full history of replies to your comments here:

posted 10 months ago

i'll add some sort of thread merging feature and see how that goes

posted 11 months ago

added head-to-head and match history sections to each page page:

posted 11 months ago


posted about a year ago

added a new stats section here:

few notes:

  • stage 1 OWL stats are missing
  • stage 2 OWL stats are incomplete
  • contenders NA stats are only from a few matches
  • all DVA ult stats are slightly inflated
  • the filter is probably a little wonky on mobile

if you have any requests for specific stats you want to see (hero usage, team comps, map stats, etc.), feel free to drop some suggestions.

posted about a year ago

added a clips subforum
go loose:

posted about a year ago

it's not linked anywhere, but here you go:

posted about a year ago

good now?

posted about a year ago

requires coordination on discord unfortunately :(

posted about a year ago

With the recent flurry of activity and upcoming Contenders seasons, we're in need of fresh recruits to help keep our match ticker up to date. If you regularly watch broadcasted Overwatch matches and wouldn't mind entering in match results, please give us a shout here or in our discord.

posted about a year ago

added a mobile/desktop toggle in the footer

posted about a year ago


posted about a year ago

going to have to pester you for a screenshot

posted about a year ago

what's your exact phone model?

posted about a year ago

I've updated the site to be mobile-friendlier.

I'd love any feedback or bug reports you guys have. If there's something wrong, please include your phone/browser in your comment.

posted about a year ago

Hey there!

We're looking for people who extensively follow the Chinese scene to help keep our database up to date and news flowing. If you're able to communicate in English and this interests you, please send me a message here or shoot me a PM in Discord.

posted about a year ago

Hey all!

Our own Struck is at the OWL studios ready and waiting to interview players, the first of whom will be Rawkus. If you have any questions for him, tweet at us or reply here before the end of their match against Dallas.

We're hoping to make this a regular thing and we'd appreciate any feedback.

posted about a year ago

this match was really close and imo Outlaws has a higher ceiling than Fuel

posted about a year ago

the tooltip is a WIP but yes, we'll be showing patch versions for matches from here on out

posted about a year ago


check here for content in the coming days/weeks:

posted about a year ago

i've updated spoiler feature to deal with the map issue

posted about a year ago


posted about a year ago

the toggle's at the top right of the header

let me know what you guys think

posted about a year ago


  • small style updates
  • match/article sidebars
  • new comment/thread tracking
  • random things I don't remember

re: new comment tracking -- you can change your preferences here:

posted about a year ago

merry christmas friends

posted about a year ago

are you able to load this resource and are you accessing this site from China?

posted about a year ago

thanks for the report -- i'll look into this

posted about a year ago

yeah this feature is planned

posted about a year ago

just an event module next to the matches is all

posted about a year ago

can you attempt logging in through incognito and replying?

posted about a year ago

can you describe the problem?

posted about a year ago


posted about a year ago
  • added comment threading
  • added option to view threads as before (linear)

feel free to test

posted about a year ago


posted about a year ago

what browser?

posted about a year ago


To come:

  • player listing
  • player photos
  • roster transaction page

We're still likely missing a good amount of roster transaction data and prizing information, so please bear with us (or help us out).

posted about a year ago

mobile site is in the works

posted about 2 years ago

oh that's just a test from forever ago that I never took down

a mobile site will come soon

posted about 2 years ago
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