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#10 How important is a coach in Overwatch? Pro Thoughts in News
Centrin21The contrast in answers is outstanding:
Harblu: (Coach) gave us consistency we didn't have before.
Vonethil: We would be lost without Roflgator.
Seagull: Coach will know better than the players.
Desro: Having an outside opinion really helps the team grow.

2Easy: It's early. Coach has to have ingame pro experience.

Seagull actually said the same sort of thing as twoeasy. It's weird to have a coach right now because no one is really experienced like a coach is supposed to be. It's sort of like teams that were picking up coaches right after the game was released, it just doesn't seem reasonable that the coach would know better than the players.

posted 22 hours ago
#2 APEX S2 Group C: CONBOX Spirit vs. Cloud9 in Matches
BlossomCant wait to see the new C9 especially after patch. Im not up on Korean overwatch, how is CONBOX Spirit ranked among other Korean teams?

They're decent but have had a couple roster changes recently including losing zunba who imo was their best player

posted 1 day ago
#3 Oversight in Videos
New episode with dummy. It's really good actually provides a lot of insight on upcoming APEX and provides a lot of information and analysis of teams

posted 1 day ago
#1 Gods in kyky out in General Discussion
This is so weird wtf kyky was their captain and he's already in Korea with them

posted 3 days ago
#5 Site update 15th January in Site Discussion

Ivory Coast and Ghana flags are missing

posted 3 days ago
#9 Miami Heat invest in Misfits in News

Fkn nerds

posted 3 days ago
#1 APEX S2 Group B: Luxury Watch Blue vs. Misfits in Matches

Should be interesting but 3-0 LW Blue

posted 4 days ago
#1 3 teams contest $100,000 in Team Story Chapter 1 finals in News

ez for my boys Star Horn Royal Club

posted 4 days ago
#2 UGC OW Season 3 Starts Feb 2nd! in General Discussion

Prize pool?

posted 6 days ago
#2 NGEWP GP Phase 1: compLexity vs. Luminosity Gaming in Matches

I love the gecks casting I really missed his kreygasm for airshots

posted 6 days ago
#1 Winter Premiere Profiles: Kungarna in News

Good read I'm rooting for these boys

posted 1 week ago
#6 Rogue learn skipjack not actually French in News
SKYTRiXSHAberrieterrititle is a winnerNo, ENCE is the winner :DGood:

You can't force the ence memes you just gotta let them happen

posted 1 week ago
#23 NRG revamping, building around Seagull and dummy in News

journalists often use anonymous sources and people reading have the choice to believe it or not, this site hasn't had any false stories afaik so I don't see why you wouldn't believe it.

posted 1 week ago
#1 OGN APEX Season 2 first details surface in News


posted 1 week ago
#6 NRG revamping, building around Seagull and dummy in News
bamboothiefWhy is Dummy locked a position, but Enigma is not? Enigma is clear one of the two best players in the team, and he is much better than Dummy.

you cant really compare their skill when they play different roles, especially when dummy's role is so much more important on ana

posted 1 week ago
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