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Fun Post: Who are you Fav Teams and Why?

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So there has been so much going on lately I thought it would be fun to do a post to discuss your favorite teams, since these have gotten flipped upside down lately. Whatever format you would like you dont have to follow mine :)

  • OWL: Houston - was following Rogue or the Corndogs, and Rogue got broke up so CoolMatt and the boys it was
  • Contenders NA: Optic Academy - wasnt intending to be Green Wall and everything but I love the flag meta, DPS duo is nutty, and Kaiser love if he ever plays
  • Contenders EU: Angry Titans - loved them playing last season so much fun to watch and Bazooka Puppies - they have always been my #1 because Meza and the logo, and I will continue my fandom with the new squad
  • Contenders CN - LGD - has been my fav team as I watch all of CN and Shy-Leen is so fun to watch
  • Contenders KR - Runaway - hardest relationship I have ever had, full of heart break but I stick around
  • Contenders PAC - Blank - If you dont know these guys want HooWoo play and you will never turn back
  • Contenders AU - Sydney Drop Bears - It used to be whatever team Yuki was on, until he joined MGC, so I fell in love with SDB this season, and the BEST logo
  • Contenders SA - Isurus Gaming - I started watching SA after seeing Klaus at the WC, and even though this season he wasn't incredible, he was still fun to watch

OWL: Houston - I've cheered for Clockwork since 2014 and I got to know Muma a couple of times playing tf2center lobbies.
Contenders NA: Goats - I may have been an xQc hater in the past, but no other team recently has been as innovative and fun to watch as these boys.
Contenders EU: Hurricane - Go Hafficool!
Contenders CN - Team CC has the only former MY member currently playing in contenders although Lateyoung doesn't actually play much.
Contenders KR - Runaway - Gotta love the pink sweaters and Haksal's eternal quest to win something.
Contenders PAC - Don't really care.
Contenders AU - Dark Sided - Go Termo!
Contenders SA - Isurus Gaming - Klaus is God


I feel the same way about GOATs, def the most entertaining team to watch right now!


hey out of all the people rooting for isurus i just wanna put my foot out for bgh cause liko is a god




OWL: Philadelphia Fusion - SDB, Carpe, Poko, Fragi.
Contenders NA: Fusion University - WhoRU & Alarm duo.
Contenders EU: Team Gigantti - another successful finnish rebuild.
Contenders CN - Lucky Future Zenith - Lucid & iDK duo.
Contenders KR - KongDoo Panthera - Decay is a beast.
Contenders PAC - Blank Esports - HooWoo & Hus duo.
Contenders AU - Dark Sided - dope logo.
Contenders SA - Isurus Gaming - Messi nation.


I was so surprised how strong Gigantti was with the rebuild. Hope some of those guys end up in OWL eventually.


OWL: Miraculous Youngster


Template for anyone who's too lazy to copy and then remove 75% of the text:

- OWL: 
- Contenders NA: 
- Contenders EU:
- Contenders CN:
- Contenders KR:
- Contenders PAC:
- Contenders AU:
- Contenders SA:

So for me:

  • OWL: Philadelphia Fusion. I started following them because of ShaDowBurn and Carpe and I'm not disappointed. Their content is super cool to watch and their MVP is Chef Heidi. Also they are nice enough to host homeless analysts in their treehouse sometimes.
  • Contenders NA: XL2. It was really hard to choose between Alarm/WhoRU and Mangachu/Fl0w3r/Nenne, but XL2 wins my heart in the end. Special mention to OpTic Academy for Kaiser though.
  • Contenders EU: British Hurricane. Kragie, Kyb and bock are absolute monsters and it's a delight to watch them play. Also nice strats.
  • Contenders CN: LGD Gaming. I did not follow the chinese scene that much, but Eileen and Shy are amazing to watch.
  • Contenders KR: RunAway. I've been in love with the boys in pink and their parents Runner and Flowervin since I first heard of them in APEX season 2. They're going through tough times but they can pull it out and they deserve to go huge. RUNAWAY FIGHTING
  • Contenders PAC: Yoshimoto Encount. I am a total outsider of the pacific scene but the japanese boys deserve some recognition given how bad of a spot the Overwatch japanese scene is in. Honorable mention to Blank Esports.
  • Contenders AU: Masterminds GC. I know nothing of the AU pros besides yuki, so GO YUKI
  • Contenders SA: Isurus Gaming. I've barely watched the SA games but I heard Isurus was great so I took a look and they indeed look really good.
  • OWL: Philadelphia Fusion. As Sayabi above me (btw thanks for the format! lol) started following them for SDB+Carpe, but all iterations have been interesting to watch (I miss Fragi and Poko thou)
  • Contenders NA: I'm not following it too much but Optic, even if just for Kaiser: how can you not love the guy?
  • Contenders EU: I'll be the fanboy that I can be Samsung Morningstar Black, go my Italian friends" (Now they'll lose every single match and won't get out of the trials...)
  • Contenders CN: Literally no idea, I'd say maybe LGD? But know very little of their scene, sorry. :(
  • Contenders KR: Runaway, let's go boys!
  • Contenders PAC: Blank, gotta cheer for the Aussie friends, been at the top of their scene since... forever.
  • Contenders AU: 🐨 SDB 🐨
  • Contenders SA: Isurus but all of them honestly (same could go for AUS and PAC ones), they all deserve much more, better visibility, better prizes.

EDIT 'cause damn I already write a shitty English, my dying keyboard ain't helping either...


OWL: LA Valiant
Contenders NA: Envision
Contenders EU: Hurricane
Contenders KR: RunAway

Others: ??? Don’t follow them unfortunately


Yeah, this is just me

  • OWL: NYXL - SBB has been my favorite player for a long time now, and getting to see him lead a roster that's all about having a dominant play style is so much fun
  • Contenders NA: XL2 - Hard to not root for a team that has CLONEMAN16
  • Contenders EU: Hurricane - Loved the core of this team for a long time and I'm praying for them to get a shot at OWL next year
  • Contenders KR: Runaway - this team has really been one of my first loves in OWL. So much style and confidence, and always exciting (in a good or bad way)

Team: Philly Fusion
Reason: as a DPS main, it's nice to see a team so immensely deep with talented DPS players (carpe, EQO, SDB and snillo)

Team: Runaway
Reason: Haksal/Stitch


OWL: Dallas Fuel - been an Envyus fan for a long time, Effect is a god, Mickie is great, and Unkoe is a monster.
Contenders NA: XL2 Academy - Mangachu is pretty cool, big fan of Cloneman’s stream, and Flow3r is still a monster on dps that arent tracer
Contenders EU: Team Gigantti - Their pre OWL roster was fun to watch and so is their current contenders roster. Cloudy is a monster on Rein.
Contenders KR: Runaway - Pink sweaters, underdogs, Stitch, Haksal, Flowervin and Runner... what more could you ask for.
Contenders CN: Hero Taciturn Panther - best name hands down
Contenders PAC: Blank Esports - All hail Trill, smasher of good ults
Contenders AU: Dark Sided - Termo and a dope ass logo
Contenders SA: Brazil Gaming House - #LikoforOWL

  • OWL: Philadelphia Fusion because i live right next to Philly but also because they're one of the only teams that took advantage of the overlooked eu scene and combined that with the koreans to make a fun and scrappy team that goes to map 5 everytime so you'll never know what to expect
  • Contenders NA: Fusion Uni cus i like PHL Fusion and alarm and whoru are pretty good
  • Contenders EU: 6nakes,asking and christfer are beasts and nesh deserves to be in owl
  • Contenders CN:LGD,eileen is my god
  • Contenders KR: Runaway,you already know why
  • Contenders PAC: Blank Esports,Ieatuup is such a nut at tracer
  • Contenders AU: Bin Chickens because of their name and logo
  • Contenders SA: BGH-liko is good gamer
  • OWL: Dallas Fuel. The team has a lot of internal problems and has had a very underwhelming performance since the beginning of OWL... But theres still not a single team that makes me happier when they win. Im a suckup to the teams personalities and story. My fav team skillwise though is PHL, i love their lineup which opens up for some incredibly diverse comps.
  • Contenders NA: GOATs, ignoring the teams controversial personalities, i think its been one of the most fun teams to watch. The players individually are very talented and their coordination brings this to light
  • Contenders EU: AngryTitans :rage:, Onigod4lyfe
  • Contenders CN: LGD, Eileen is still one of the most talented and overlooked DPS players imo and hes always a joy to watch.
  • Contenders KR: RunAway, the team is very talented and i love their team story. Also best team uniform.
  • Contenders PAC: Blank Esports. Their team story makes them impossible not to root for, and i love to watch ieatuups DPS.
  • Contenders AU: Sydney Drop Bears. Dont really follow the scene but i watched the grand final of contenders and they looked like they had potential
  • Contenders SA: Isurus Gaming. Im always KappaPride for Klaus, and i love Beasts Dva. Im also really hyped for their new roster.
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