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[Suggestion] make it so WC teams don't decay
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Noticed the other day when going through all the updated stuff that UK was over SK in the world cup rankings and upon further inspection it was because SK decayed from inactivity. I know this is intended for the "actual" teams rankings. But for one-time teams like WC or if there were to be other events like it it seems silly for one team to be ranked higher just because they played their qualifier later than another.


Does it matter since the overall rankings for WC won't change?


they will coz decay is bigger after more time and different national teams played at different times so teams from 1st qualifier will be lower then from latest even though they might have played a lot better


This impacts teams in tiers:

  1. Failed to make top two of their group
  2. Lost the Blizzcon qualifier match
  3. Lost QF match
  4. Lost SF match
  5. Finalists

Basically teams that did better than others in the same tier as them could be lower, but overall teams that went further will still be higher up in the rankings.

Edit: The two exceptions, are Thailand and Norway being lower than teams that failed to make the top two, despite making it to the Blizzcon qualifier match. In other words, decay has little effect on a WC team's rank overall compared to wins/losses

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