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#3 X6 vs. RunAway – OGN APEX Season 3 Regular Season Group B in Matches

@Taimou preds?

posted 1 month ago
#4 AF Blue vs. LW Blue – OGN APEX Season 2 Playoff Stage #1 B-LR1 in Matches

way closer than I thought it'd be

posted 4 months ago
#3 Is Orisa the new Reinhardt? Not quite in Off-Topic

the game is way too chokepoint-based for reinhartd to ever fall out of favor

posted 4 months ago
#3 LH vs. AF Red – OGN APEX Season 2 Regular Season Group B in Matches

seems to have worked

posted 5 months ago
#2 LDLC klanton: "I feel like this meta is better for us" in News

loving these

posted 7 months ago
#1 BK Stars vs. AF Blue – OGN APEX Season 1 APEX S1 Playoffs SF in Matches

freecs looking good

posted 7 months ago
#9 Splyce undergo major roster changes in News


posted 8 months ago
#4 Russia 2016 vs. Germany 2016 – World Cup 2016 Group Stage Group B in Matches

s h a d o w b u r n

posted 8 months ago
#5 C9 vs. FaZe – AMM October #2 GF in Matches

he subbed in for the match

posted 8 months ago
#1 Rogue vs. LH – APAC Premier 2016 APAC Group Stage B-USF in Matches

Rogue down first map to the weakest team in the group

posted 9 months ago
#1 Tempo vs. FaZe – GG NA #19 LB Ro2 Min in Matches

is faze considered NA or EU?

posted 10 months ago
#2 Splyce vs. LW Red – GG NA #18 UBF in Matches

koreans are really impressive

posted 10 months ago
#2 Overwatch Open format Changes in General Discussion

might be a bit early but definitely needed in the long run

posted 10 months ago
#3 coL vs. Method – OONAQ Group D LB R1 in Matches


posted 10 months ago
#3 Misfits vs. FNC – ESL Atlantic Showdown at Gamescom Group Stage A-USF in Matches

of course he starts going off right after I post...

posted 10 months ago
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