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Appreciation thread for remiska
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He is doing an amazing job for the OWL coverage....so to thanks him anyone here can say a kind word to thanks his job with the OWL

So thanks you a lot remiska i really appreciate your coverage job...i hope you will continue it as long as the OWL will begin because you hardly will find a better regroup of news about OWL than there.
So thank you!

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Admiralable, make him the OWL reporting slave youve been looking for

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and actually im not a big fan of owl so far :P
I am humbled by this thread and will try to keep up my work
also i get thread of appreciation and have only 1 and a third of a star, poor me (dont really care about it)

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remiska: bad boy turned good?

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Poi98 is the kindest, purest soul on over.gg

Remiska we may disagree often, but I respect you for the hard work you put in. Couldn't imagine over.gg without you, much love my dude.

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Been a while since i touched this list, Remiska got moved up though

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