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Some teams have two rankings...
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Like #1 and #25.

Should we substitute country names for teams if the country sent a full team for the memes or have two different rankings?

Just a thought.

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Rogue and France, except that one is only for the purpose of the OWC, even if the squad is Rogue..they're representing France and that alone deserves distinction.

I do think the World Cup teams could be excluded from the overall rankings page though, since they only exists for the purpose of one tournament, otherwise if that's not an option they'll eventually drop out on their own.

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I agree, the World Cup tab is nice, but I think it's a little confusing (and a little unfair to the mid-tier teams) to include the national teams in the main rankings.

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yeah I think this is an oversight, will discuss

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it will be interesting with a second ranking only for national squad

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