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Brtish caster duo confirmed for TakeOver 2
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I'd like to give a toast to my bois Sideshow and Sideshow jr for landing the job at TakeOver 2 and i hope they will let Sideshow bring his signature box to cast in to Lan

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nice, good pairing, love these boys, keep it up, you got this, proud of you.

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disgusting. frizyboi and lankyboi will shame us all!

happy that they are finally getting a chance on LAN for real, though. maybe the MSI curse won't strike!

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I like the glasses sideshow. I only saw him cast once in the cevo thing but it was good.

Wait a second, I just realized sideshow jr is the guy who made fun of me when Hydration rekted me in 1v1 tourney.

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LMAO get destroyed Guinea

(i joke i joke)

Seriously tho genuinely didn't expect to get invited to an Overwatch lan until at least a year from now, very surprised and feeling blessed tbh. Gotta work hard these next two weeks to ensure the broadcast is top tier material.

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Bless up

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I still can't believe these two clowns ever won caster of the season...

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i love uk man <3 lol

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Hopefully the extra work for sideshow will allow him to fund a nicer shed.

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Great job boys, looking very forward to see you cast an Overwatch LAN as a duo!

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Brenshow PogChamp

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Finally some proper father-son bonding time.
I'm gonna watch every single second they cast together.

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reasons to love uk

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