[NA] Red Team looking for coach


We are currently looking for a coach to help our players skill and our teamwork.

Our current avg is 2930 if that matters.
Our current roster is:

  • Fifty Flank Dps Pharah/Reaper
  • Unknown Main Dps Mccree/Tracer
  • CHEERISS Flex Zarya/Hog/Winston/Mei
  • Thunder Main Tank Rein/Dva/Winston
  • Genocide Off support Ana/Zen
  • Krouns Main support Lucio/Mercy

Our practice time is 8-10 pm cst and most of us are on before that time and we warm up together.
Add Krouns on discord @krouns#9391 or Bnet to talk and see if you work well with us and when we can get you in.

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