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[NA] LF shot calling lucio , main tank, projectile dps [Red Team] [Master+] [16+]

Currently rebuilding our team. We want people who are both vocal and have the drive to constantly improve. Team goal is to play in tournaments / lans. With the drive to become a professional team.
Looking for players who are master+ and team experience.

Team requirements/goals:**

  • 6 days a week practice, 30+ hrs/week – includes scrims, vod review, map discussion
  • Play 2 tournaments a week (good gaming/academy gaming/etc); Some are on weekends
  • Watch video reviews of each other to improve team chemistry and game play before scrims (30 mins per day)
  • Ability to take and give criticism with intent on team/individual improvement
  • Past team experience preferred, but not required
  • 16+ due to overwatch league


If you meet the time requirements, contact me on discord @ CHEERISS#6457 for tryouts AND fill out our application.

Main tank application:
Projectile DPS application:
Lucio application:

posted about 6 years ago

We are currently looking for a coach to help our players skill and our teamwork.

Our current avg is 2930 if that matters.
Our current roster is:

  • Fifty Flank Dps Pharah/Reaper
  • Unknown Main Dps Mccree/Tracer
  • CHEERISS Flex Zarya/Hog/Winston/Mei
  • Thunder Main Tank Rein/Dva/Winston
  • Genocide Off support Ana/Zen
  • Krouns Main support Lucio/Mercy

Our practice time is 8-10 pm cst and most of us are on before that time and we warm up together.
Add Krouns on discord @krouns#9391 or Bnet to talk and see if you work well with us and when we can get you in.

posted about 6 years ago

Bump again - Only need a tank (rein) -

posted about 7 years ago

Hey Jodd. I remember you from tf2. So would like to see you on a good team.

Always heard awesome things about you from previous teammates and spectated quite a few of your games.

Not sure if you've done this, but post on gosu forms, r/overwatchlft, master overwatch has a lft section, and That might open up some new doors for you.

Best of luck.

posted about 7 years ago

Bump for tonight's scrims - Only need a tank (rein) -

posted about 7 years ago

Bumping, we have a support flex (Bowline) now. Just need a tank.

Please fill out our new form before adding me

Also have this MM flow chart on us!

posted about 7 years ago

Going to bump again. Tried moving around some roles. Found it was best how people initially were.

Need more tank tryouts and wouldn't mind more support/flex tryouts.

posted about 7 years ago

bump for support flex tryouts. Have enough dps tryouts.

posted about 7 years ago

Bumping need 3 gamers-- 1 coach, 1 support flex (lucio/symmetra), and 1 dps flex. Best way of contact is bnet. And be prepared to chat in discord if you're a serious contender.

posted about 7 years ago

Hi Raptor. Recently found your series on a discord channel I am in (didn't see this post previously). But definitely appreciate your series. It's nice to see the analysis and thoughts of differing compositions. And how certain lineups complement certain play styles ("tools" as you say it in several videos).

Look forward to watching more.

posted about 7 years ago

These dudes are obviously amazing players in general. I have a feeling they will easily move into the top 10ish bracket of Overwatch in the world, if they are serious about competing regularly in tournaments. Gl guys.

posted about 7 years ago

--- notice--- full 6. Please only add me for scrims. Also roster has changed.

posted about 7 years ago

Not sure yet on this topic. Some of the stacks are really entertaining to play and to try to figure out how to beat.Few of my favorites are the twin-stons, 2 Lucios (1 speed/1heal; communication on ulti timings), etc. [Twin-stons] But almost requires your team to pull out a reaper and consider pulling out your widow unless he/she can consistently hit headshots with the team concentrating on protecting widow, or at least distracting winstons, etc etc.

However, almost always it requires your team to double in some form or fashion to counter. So atm I would lean more towards 1 hero limit.

posted about 7 years ago


After trying switching some roles, we decided it was best with our initial lineup.

We are looking for 3 gamers-- 1 coach, 1 support flex (lucio/symmetra), and 1 tank/reinhardt main.

Our team's goal:

We as a team strive to be one of the best Overwatch teams in the scene. We plan on competing at LANs in the near future together. As well as gosu gamers and MLG.

General scrim times: Sun - Thurs 9est - 1130est. But we all are generally in discord before and after. Fri/Sat will be optional days; however we'll generally filter in and out playing other games together those days. Need to be flexible for weekend tournaments

Lux Gamers page -

We have the following lineup:
CHEERISS (team captain) - Off tank/ flex player ; primary heroes - winston/zarya/roadhog/torbjorn/reaper/soldier/phara/genji/bastion/diva/etc; Professional gamer since 2011. Captain/leader of SYOPS TF2 since S9 to S21 of ESEA IM playoff teams. Went to several lans- GXL and Intel LanFest Sacramento.
Wilson - support; primary hero - mercy; Started in CS 1.6 & played competitive Team Fortress 2 ESEA Open/IM.
Fifty - dps flex; primary heroes - tracer/phara/mcree/soldier/widowmaker; Professional Gamer since 2008. Competed in 22 different states, and 3 countries for Halo 3 MLG tournaments.
you - main tank ; primary heroes - reinhardt, winston, etc
you - support flex ; primary heroes: Lucio/symmetra/etc; Needs to be able to communicate well.**
Azilla- main dps flex ; primary heroes - widow/reaper/mcree/soldier/junkrat/etc (dps/defense)
coach**- 3rd person view of the team. Keeps up to date with meta. Can make practice times.

Traits that will help you fit in on the team:
-take and give criticism easily
-competitive background: sports, esports, etc
-thirst to compete and learn the meta (watching tournament vods, reading up on meta, etc)
-team mentality (How can I play better as a team to support my fellow players? How can I do what I need to do? Who do I need to support me?)
-more than likely 18+ (as most of us avg around 25 yoa)
-put in a minimum of 4 hours a night (a good chunk outside of scrims too)

Team goals:

Team accomplishments:

Please contact me on Bnet - CHEERISS#1594 (I do have steam but dont look at it too much)

posted about 7 years ago

CHEERISS #1594 - IM player and soon to be comp overwatch player

posted about 7 years ago