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Contenders Trials will be played on patch 1.22 while all the Open Division teams( and Trials too) have played on 1.24 for the last 3 weeks.
This is really bad for some reason:
1 Open division teams have no access to the server with the 1.22 until they qualify for Trials, this means they will have a lot of time less to train for Trials than the old-Contenders team. Plus all the work they have done in the last 3 weeks is almost garbage.
2 Trials-from Contenders team will be only able to scrim against eachother until Open Division team will not pass to Trials...this means that all the most competitive( or at least in theory) enemy will see their strats.
3 Contenders will be probably(?) played on 1.24 ( i hope) so this move make no sense.
4 This is how to kill lower tier scene cause who decided this move dont give a f about T2/3 scene.

The only possibly thing to do is to pubblic express our doubts to Blizzard and Path to Pro cause this is serious.....

If you are a player/coach/someone involved now or later in Trials contact Dogman cause he is doing a petition against this..



They're playing on 1.22 because the client is unstable for 1.24, nothing that can really be done about it


Why does the Contender Trials Need to be played on a Special Server tho?, is there a difference in "Tick" or sth? Otherwise there is no reason not to Play on live.

And it is indeed a huge Problem!


Im guessing tournament realms have more rigourous anti-cheating software that may be too intensive for the servers used by the rest of us


This is normal. They don't want to run a patch with new fixes in it. They want something that has been thoroughly tested to be stable. I bet they could patch the new patch easily other than that.

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