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underrated effect of LAG strong stage 2 start

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LAG and their shiny new toy, look formidable. But the importance of their improvement wasn’t as evident to me until I glanced at the standings/schedule. Now with seemingly 9 competitive teams, I expect to see a lot more closely contested OW up and down the league with higher probabilities for upsets. Hopefully these major upsets turn to minor upsets as well. In stage 1, to me, we saw 7 competitive teams that were capable of all beating one another. Some more so than others. Dallas (not being included in that 7) was still intriguing and (also not included) LAG did have their moments but were inconsistent. With the small improvements we saw last night I feel like we’re up to 9 competitive teams, and other than maybe the shock for the time being, the entire league is on an upward trajectory. Pssh and the kill feed isn’t cluttered with rez any longer too. <3 stage 2


Ur username should be Wekeed_J3sus


Wait for coaches and player for Mayhem and they will be competitive too....( I think Shangai will improve a lot too) i think competition will be really close from now on. Lets go boyz


I expect all teams in the bottom 6 to get better in stage 2 except Shock, considering they look content with just waiting until sinatraa and super turn 18. But those 2 won't solve their support problems and if their match against LAG last night is anything to go by, Dhak back on Lucio will not turn that team's fortunes around.

LAG on the other hand looks like a completely rejuvenated team with Fissure and after LAV's underwhelming performance against Seoul, I can see the Gladiators being the better LA team in stage 2. Again, still early, but really excited for LAG. iRemiix is good but it was night and day on how he was their weakest link and it clearly showed what the team is capable of when given space by Fissure

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