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OWL Alternative History
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So, if you don't know what alternative history is, basically it asks the question "what if" and speculates on the effects of that one small decision on history. Here, we'll be doing the same but for OWL.

1st Topic: What if C9 out bidded NRG for Sinatraa. As you know, Sinatraa plays for the SF Shock which is owned by the NRG org. The reason his contract was for 150k was because NRG got into a bidding war with C9 and won. So, what if C9 won?

The first effect would be that C9 Kongdoo and by extension GC Busan wouldn't have been signed for team London. So what would the roster have been? C9 owned 2 teams, C9 NA and C9 EU. So perhaps a mix of the two rosters would look something like:


C9 weren't afraid to put Koreans on C9 NA, so maybe a few? Obviously not an entire team.

What would the other effects be? If Kongdoo don't get signed, then where would they and GC Busan go? My first theory is Birdring and Rascal would go to Seoul Dynasty, since they were looking for solid DPS players. Perhaps some would go to NYXL. I'm not sure. Would Boston and Fusion try to get some more recognizable and experienced players? Where would Fury go?

Next, how would this affect Shock? Would they keep Danteh as the main Tracer player? Would they try to get Dafran? Davin maybe? Since Brad's philosophy is to get younger players he hopes have potential, would he try to get one of the players from the College scene? What I'm saying is Shock would kind of fall apart. Obviously if C9 were going for an NA/EU roster, so they would probably want Nevix in the roster too. If Shock don't have him as Flex, would Harbleu stay in the roster? Would they pick up Zappis? Would the duo of Zappis and Davin be likely? Maybe Mangachu or zza or Hafficool?

Would LAV and Fusion get SPACE and Neptuno? Who would replace them then? Maybe Mangachu or Zappis or Hafficool for SPACE and Phaz or Morte for Neptuno?

2nd Topic: What if there were 14 teams and Blizz closed the deal with the last team. It's speculated Rogue had an spot in OWL lined up, but since Blizz couldn't close the deal with the 14th team, they cut Rogue for a better number of 12. (this isn't 100% fact but it's been strongly hinted at). So what if there was a French team, let's say Paris, and another team.

First, Paris would have all of Rogue, so Soon and Unkoe wouldn't be on LAV. So who would they try to get to fill the void those two did? Would they get someone like Davin? Maybe Greyy and Mikeya? Perhaps they'd try to get Rawkus and Carpe before Fusion and Outlaws got them? Would they sign Roolf?

Next, what would the roster of this Paris team look like? Here's my guess:


So if they got Poko from Fusion, would they have Zappis instead?

Who would the 14th team sign? Perhaps the Runaway roster with a few pickups like Hoon, maybe another support player to let Kox play dps on some maps, most likely someone to fill Haksal's role. Would they be another Chinese org that would sign MY? Maybe an EU org that could sign Gigganti and some finnish subs? Maybe EUnited? Maybe another NA team that would sign more talent?




Something for EU like:


For the Finnish lineup:


Some of these players were taken by orgs but i put them there anyway. Misfits got Zuppeh before this team would be made, and Fragi, Shaz, Bigg00se and Linkzr were taken. So if this line up was real, how would Fusion, LAG, and Outlaws be effected?

I think since i heard xQc talk about main tanks in the league, he said Fusion wanted one from EU since their coach was from their, so maybe Mowzassa? If you have Mozassa you'd probably want Greyy, so maybe instead of Boombox they got Greyy, and Misfits/FL would get Boombox since Zuppeh was taken.

Next for Linkzr i think Outlaws would get Buds, and LAG (if they were looking for a duo that had synergy) maybe Roolf and Adam?

Last roster: Mix of NA talent

Something like:


However the mostly likely would have been a mix.

Do you guys have any other topics? What do you feel about these topics? Do you have any answers to the questions?


Holy shit how bored are you


I'm not the one with 2 nerd stars.


Honestly, I’ll admit it, you destroyed me with that one.
Not bad. Respect.


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Quit while you're behind.


A city doesn't need to have only players from that country,it can be mixed


True, but i wanted to make sure they didn't have communication issues and all spoke the same language.


In theory this would be a major issue, but I look at Fuel. 8 different countries and they all communicate well. Even Valiant has good communication with Koreans and French. It’s a small issues but talent is the main focus


Perhaps they'd try to get Rawkus and Carpe before Fusion and Outlaws got them?

I don't think so, ShaDowBurn and Carpe are starting to get well known as a duo and work great together so if you'd want one you'd probably also like to get the other. Not sure about Rawkus though.

Also for the Paris team, it was entirely possible to make an all french roster since ex-Rogue has a huge reputation in France (which is something that pisses me off: in a lot of esports I feel like french always isolate themselves from the rest of the scene, often creating their own local scenes and even sometimes creating their own closed scene) already so that would make local fans really happy. I definitely don't know why no one did it, honestly, you had the players, the results and both local and global fanbase. My guess is that Rogue hold onto their roster for too long trying desperately to get a spot in the scene (and they would probably have bought Las Vegas which would've been a shame) so no one could/wanted to buy the whole roster, which is why it fell apart.


Since I'm bored, let's throw my hat into the ring. For this, I'm theorizing what happens if OWL has 14 teams instead of 12.

If OWL does expand to 14 teams, I am 99% certain the two new teams are Las Vegas and Chicago.

Rogue is not gonna buy the Paris spot, they're an NA org after all and have HQs in Vegas, Rogue has even confirmed they tried to buy the Vegas spot.

So the Las Vegas spot (let's give them a hypothetical name - the Gamblers) is owned by Rogue, and the current Rogue team would definitely be on it. Who else would be on the Gamblers? Well, I have a feeling they'll take a gamble (totally did not pick the name for a pun, I swear) and field the League's smallest team (well, alongside Florida). I don't know why, but it just seems very unlikely that Rogue will expand their roster. The Rogue roster has been going strong (at least until Contenders Season One, and they did look pretty good after they left Canada) for the better part of 2017, so the talent and camaraderie's already there, I don't see the need to expand the roster. At the very least, they may add Kolsti, who was a sub for Rogue during Contenders and a dedicated tank main, unlike KnOxXx.


Las Vegas Gamblers

  • aKm (DPS)
  • SoOn (DPS)
  • NiCo (Flex)
  • KnOxXx (Tank/Flex)
  • Kolsti (Tank)
  • uNKOE (Support)
  • winz (Support/Flex)

Now that SoOn and uNKOE has been taken, who fills their spots on VALLA (LA Valiant)? For SoOn, I have a hunch that MikeyA takes his spot. MikeyA has worked with SPACE, one of VALLA's pickups, on C9 EU before (I would like to mention that both MikeyA and SPACE are not under C9 contract, they're stand-ins, so it's possible that no buyouts were involved, making it much easier to get MikeyA), so it isn't exactly a stretch. It's also possible that silkthread picks up the role of Tracer player, instead of being a flex DPS. For uNKOE, I'm not too sure. Perhaps they bring in the supports from C9 EU (i.e. Greyy or neptuNo if he wasn't snagged by Fusion already), or they bring in some more Korean talent, maybe from envy or FaTe and KariV's old teams (Rhinos' Gaming Wings and Mighty AOD, now Ardeont respectively).

Onto Chicago next. The Milwaukee Bucks owner was already in the talks of a Chicago OWL spot, so it makes this hypothetical much easier. Let's just say the buy-in was successful in this case. As mentioned in the article, if the Chicago spot (again, we'll give them a hypothetical name - the Chicago Bears) actually existed, it would be run by FlyQuest. FlyQuest is a League (of Legends) org, with experience of running a mixed Korean/Western roster. It would be most likely that the Bears would present a mixed roster, perhaps something similar to harsha's Pellets team. Because I'm too lazy to build a roster right now, we'll steal harsha's team and adapt from there.

We'll strike all those that are unlikely (or impossible, see the Gamblers) to be on the Bears from the Tyrants. aKm, Sayaplayer, Void. aKm's on another team, and Sayaplayer and Void have both mentioned they aren't willing to be in OWL (at least, not on a Western team). Who else would be on the Bears? Well, Davin and zappis have played together on Gigantti, so it's plausible that the Bears takes what's remained of Gigantti. Davin's also a pretty decent Tracer and hitscan in general, so the Bears have settled their lack of Tracer/hitscan player, although their DPS lineup is still pretty empty. Considering RunAway being the top team in Korea, current financial woes, and Runner being open to his players leaving the team if need be, we might see the DPS duo of Haksal and Stitch coming onto the Chicago Bears. Perhaps even KoX could join as a DPS/support flex. If we're going there we might some of MY (one of the players, don't remember which one, mentioned they are learning basic English to join Western teams. Also don't remember where the source is, just trust me).


Chicago Bears

  • Davin (DPS)
  • Shadder2k (DPS)
  • Stitch (DPS)
  • Haksal (DPS)
  • KoX (DPS/Support/Flex)
  • zappis (Flex)
  • mowzassa (Tank)
  • FCTFCTN (Tank)
  • Roolf (Support)
  • Greyy (Support)
  • Adam (Support)
  • Maybe some members of MY

I've spent way too long on this. But hey, that's just a theory, a League Theory. Thanks for reading.


I Agree with most of the post, the only change i'd make is adding Hidan to Las Vegas. He left Iceblock as if he had an offer but remains a free agent, he's imo the second best french support, has experience in semi high level teams, and since the meta allows for Lucio to not be run 24/7, i think it would be a very solid addition.


But there is already a team called the Chicago Bears. And they are really bad.

They also play American Football


no matter how stacked the Chicago Bears may be The Baaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddd man will crush their hopes every year


Haksal also too young for OWL

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