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Overwatch League Begins.
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January 10th 2018 is the kick off date. Not sure how I feel about the lack of teams outside NA especially because the inaugural season lasts 6 months. Nevertheless I'm still looking forward to watching this play out and I hope it's a big success.


Hmmmmmmm so truly starting in the new year. A bit of a wait but it'll be worth it. And there will be 12 teams. I think it's a good starting number to build off of. I also enjoy the idea of a preseason. Gives us a chance that get a look at the teams.


it was rumoured and half confirmed for a very long time well have 12 teams for season 1
and as for begining in new year, i think they made this preseason so they could say that owl started as they said this year ;)

also i edited my post with teams

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