Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
FTD Club
Round 1: 100%
Round 2: 0%
Round 3: 46%
Round 4: 93%
Winner Miraculous Youngster
Round 1: 99%
Round 2: 100%
Round 3: 100%
Round 4: 100%
FTD Club
Checkpoints: 1
Distance pushed: 89.85m
Time remaining: 0.00s
Winner Miraculous Youngster
Checkpoints: 3
Distance pushed: 0.00m
Time remaining: 101.00s

Another interesting match up, FTD looks solid in the Spring series groups but fell off in the playoffs while MY look like they've been able to improve since their short run in the playoffs as well.

MY have looked better as of late so we'll get to see if they can take down FTD and place confirm that they're at the top of the food chain with LGD.

Going off recent results I give the edge to MY in this one.


MY flexing their recently renewed strength after getting their whole squad back and keep the momentum they've recently acquired from their Nexus win going.

Looking forward to the clash of giants that will be LGD vs MY as I believe they should be our top two forerunners if this early start continues. Still a long Season ahead though so surprises are bound to pop up along the way.

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