Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
FTD Club Winner
Round 1: 100%
Round 2: 100%
Round 3: 97%
Round 4: 49%
Round 5: 100%
Team CC
Round 1: 0%
Round 2: 0%
Round 3: 100%
Round 4: 100%
Round 5: 78%
FTD Club Winner
Checkpoints: 2
Distance pushed: 70.19m
Time remaining: 0.00s
Team CC
Checkpoints: 1
Distance pushed: 108.00m
Time remaining: 0.00s

This should be interesting. FTD was one of the teams that dominated the Spring Series group phase but failed to translate it into a deep run in the playoffs.

Team CC being made up of IG Fire & Ice members, where neither team managed to make a huge splash in their respective Summer and Spring series.

Looking at recent results it's hard to tell who's much better but I think FTD was able to get a bit further in the OWPS matches they've played as well as making it into the main event of the Nexus cup. From this I think FTD might take it but personally I'd like to see CC win and go far in this event.


Welp, FTD winning was pretty much expected but I would have liked to see Team CC put up more of a fight. Note that they are a new team so synergy may not be quite on point yet but they'll need to do much better to have a chance at qualifying for the playoffs.

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