LF Comp queue buddies (~2.5k)


I placed at just under 2.4k this season (my first in OW), but I have been mostly soloqueuing and it's awful. I typically play hitscan dps (some roadhog as well), and I feel like I usually do pretty well, getting gold in dmg and elims, and I feel like I'm generally playing my role.

However most people I'm teamed up with don't use their mic, leave the game, or just ignore everyone and run in as genji or hanzo and die. It's getting really frustrating. I'm on like a 10 game losing streak, and I'm down at like 2k, and I am sick and tired of it.

Are there any tanks and supports out there that want to team up and do some queueing? I want to get to diamond by the end of the season, if possible. Also, if there are any more experienced players out there that would be able to help me understand the game better, that would be even cooler. I feel like my aim is there, but I need work on gamesense, positioning, etc.


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